Futech has the advantage of being a direct importer, manufacturing equipment and software programming, forming an ecosystem of synchronous solutions and products.


Creating more parking lots by arrange levels above parking space to cope with the number of cars increasing in limited parking area

Puzzle parking

Puzzle parking is the Bi-Directional Parking System, It is suitable for both commercial and residential parking purposes

Automatic parking system

Fully automatic system used lift drives from entry end exit level to parking floor. The cart performs to transfer vehicle lift to parking storage or reverse

Car lift

Car lift used for small parking area to replace ramp, create more mumber of parking lots

Rotary system

Rotary system is carousel type. The vehicle is loaded on the pallet. Parking storages are to go around in a circle

Family parking equipment

Family parking equipment

Tower parking

Tower parking used the lift palced on the center of system, transfer a vehicle to left or right. It has simple procedure to park and retieve vehicle

Car-Parking system

Smart parking management system is an integrated system of many products, including barriers, cameras, computers, sensors... In which the software is considered as the heart of the whole system, ensuring the safety of the parking lot. stable and is a decisive factor for the intelligent features of the whole system.

Automatic barrier

Automatic barrier: straight boom, folding boom, fence boom

Ticket dispenser

Auto ticket dispenser / ticket collector


Kiosk: payment, communication

iParking softaware

Management softaware programed and developed by Futech

AI camera

AI camera intergrate to iParking system

Parking guidance

Systems check parking lots available or occupied real time, then update to signal board number of lots available on the way you will go.


Video and ultrasonic technologies provide information on the availability of parking spaces

Tndoor LED

Customized indoor information

Customized outdoor information systems

Customized outdoor information


Central control unit - CCU, Zone control unit - ZCU


The function of signs is quite simple—say something so others can see it. Building signs can be used both on the interior and exterior of your building to showcase your messaging and create a memorable experience for your guests.

Signage indoor

Signage indoor

Emergency exit plan

Emergency exit plan

Entrance signal board

Entrance signal board has led inside

Signage board in door

Signage board in door

Painting Parking Lot

Sharp, durable traffic paint is deployed by Futech directly on concrete or epoxy floors

Column number painting

Column number painting

Ramp sign painting

Ramp sign painting

Paiting and rubber wheel stop

Paiting and rubber wheel stop


Road painting indoor and outdoor

Integrated solution

Our system can be integrate with the 2nd supplier according to requirement