Well known producers

Futech has more than 1 decate growth continusly. We provided goods and services directly to many projects all over the country, inluding hospital, building, facotory… This is some big car-parking projects for your reference

Futech is an authorized distributor, distributor for many welknown producer : Panasonic, Hanse, Fingertec, Dong Yang parrking system…
We get update and support directly from our partner all over the world

Hoi Thao Futech Panasonic

Panasonic, Shinig, Fingertec, Kztek, Hanse hold seminar at Futech birthday party March 2019

Giga Tms Promag Chuyen Giao Cong Nghe

Since 2010 Futech received technology transfer directly from Promag (Giga TMS) – smart card technology. It was applied to smart card technology and payment system


Futech Di Thuc Te Camera

Camera factory survey